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Nov 10th 2014

Other websites of interest


WooDesigner website


Nov 10th 2014

Youth appreciation Banquet 2014

Click here to see photos

YAW 2014
Mar 15th 2014

Optimist Golf Tournament Photos 2014

Click here to see photos

and here for more

2014 Golf



Nov 11th 2013

Youth appreciation Banquet 2013

Click here to see photos

YAW 2013


Dec 8th 2010

Organization of Professional Staff

Christmas Luncheon 2010

Click here to see photos

OPS 2010


Dec 8th 2009

Organization of Professional Staff

Christmas Luncheon 2009

Click here to see photos

OPS 2009


Dec 4th 2009

Odessa College's Student Success Center

- a virtual photo tour

Check it out then go visit Chip, Dianna, and all the helpful tutors.

Click here to see the tour

Student Success Center


Dec 8th 2008

OPS Holiday Magnific

Thank you very much to all that attended and helped, we missed those that were not there.


Click here to see the photos

OPS 3rd Annual Hamburger Cookout


Apr 18th 2008

OPS 3rd Annual Hamburger Cookout

Click here to see the photos

OPS 3rd Annual Hamburger Cookout


Apr 10th 2008

Flowers and Roses at Coronado 2008

Click here to see the photos

Roses and Flowers 2008


Mar 09th 2008

Odessa College Rodeo 2008

Click here to see the photos

OC Rodeo


Feb 21th 2008

Bill Clinton Visits Odessa College

Click here to see the photos

Bill Clinton


Nov 18th 2007

Corbin's Birthday Party

Click here to see the photos



Nov 15th 2007

OPS Thanksgiving Luncheon 2007

Click here to see the photos

OPS thanksgiving 2007


Sept 8th 2007

Martha and Ted's Jukeboxes

Click here to see the photos

martha and ted's jukeboxes


Aug 22nd 2007

OC First Annual Picnic

Click here to see the photos

OC First Annual Picnic


Aug 15th 2007

Michelle's Birthday Party 2007

Click here to see the photos

Michelle's Birthday


Aug 7th 2007

OC Auto Diesel Job Fair

Click here to see the photos

JOB Fair


July 30th 2007

Fort Davis, Mc Donald Observatory 2007

Click here to see the photos

Ft Stockton 2007


Nov 11th 2006

Michael and Pricilla's Wedding

Click here to see the photos

Michael and Pricilla's Wedding


Sept 30th 2006

Audra and Israel's Wedding

Click here to see the photos

Audra and Israel's Wedding


Aug 12th 2006

Shaylan's Party

Click here to see the photos

Shaylan's Party


July 29th 2006

Danielle OHS 2006

Click here to see the photos

Danielle OHS 2006


July 25th 2006

3 Dog Night Concert

some of these phots are diark but I thought I would put them up any way

Click here to see the photos

3 dead dogs


July 9th 2006

Patrick's Prius 2006 (yeah baby)

Click here to see the photos

Patrick's Prius


June 28th 2006

Corpus Christi

Click here to see the photos

Corpus Christi


May 19th 2006

At the Lake

Click here to see the photos

at the lake


May 18th 2006

St. Cloud first Thursday of Summer

Click here to see the photos

st cloud 2006


May 13th 2006


Click here to see the photos

Spring Fling 2006


Apr 29th 2006

Let's Party, Click here to see the photos

Let's Party


Apr 28th 2006

Ops Hamburger Cookout, Click here to see the photos

OPS Hamburgers...mmm


Mar 7th 2006

Ops at st cloud nuff said :-) , Click here to see the photos

OPS at st. cloud


Jan 31st 2005

Happy New Year 2006 , Click here to see the photos



Nov 26th 2005

Gladys celebrated her " Mis XV Años" or quinceañera on this fine night with her family and friends, Click here to see the photos

Glady's quinceañera


Oct 15th 2005

The presence of many was requested at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church for the religious celebration of Stephanie Jae Diaz. for her 15th birthday. With the blessing and care of the family she expressed her feelings before God on becoming a young lady, a holy mass was held in her honor on Saturday the fifteenth of October Two thousand five at two o'clock in the afternoon. a reception followed at the International Ballroom and there was a dance till night. Click here to see the photos

Stephanie Jae's quincenañera


Sept 24th 2005

A Holy Thanksgiving Mass was held in honor of quinceañeras Krista Olivia Leigh Fierro and Dezzarae Destiny Olivas Fierro at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Odessa, reception followed and there was a dance that night. Click here to see the photos

Krista and Dezzarae's quincenañera


Aug 13th 2005

Joe's place was the place for Rose's benefit. Click here to see the photos of the evening.



July 18th 2005

This year I went to Florida to visit my mom and sister and her husband and kids Click here to see the photos

Floriday 2005


July 4th 2005

The great Firecracker Fandango of 2005 Click here to see the photos or on the thumbnail to the right .

Fourth of July 2005


July 3rd 2005

Molly and Dave celebrated their 25th anniversary on this fine July day Click here to see the photos or on the thumbnail to the right .

Molly and Dave's 25th Anniversary


June 25th 2005

This night brought many smiles to lots of people we went to 3 different events. We started at a Hawaiian style birthday party complete with tropical drinks and an awesome bbq Click here to see Olivia's birthday party , (more to come from the other places we visited).

Olivia's Birthday party


June 18th 2005

Today is a double wedding night. Click here, here is the first wedding Martha and Cliff got married on this day.

Cliff and Martha's Weddign


June 4th 2005

Joe's place tonight. Click here, or photo on right.

Joe's Place June 4th


May 13th 2005

The class of Odessa College Spring 2005 graduated tonight. Click here to see some of the students that graduated.

Graduating Class of 2005 spring


May 10th 2005

I have been waiting to take photos of this car for over a year, I wish I had the owners permission to do a complete profile on the car. Click here to see photos of this totally awesome car that has been certified at 210 MPH on the Auto Baun, oh way too sweet!

Ford GT - pace car for and entire company


May 8th 2005

2005 Mother's Day Mustang Marathon . Click here to see photos of this Mother's Day event.

2005 Mothers Day Mustang Marathon


May 7th 2005

This night we had a 3 year anniversary. It was a fun night at Joe's Place tonight. Click here to see photos of the Joe's.

3 year anniversary


April 23rd 2005

Another night of RC Entertainment as well as a place filled with friends. We enjoyed the night at Joe's Place tonight. Click here to see photos of the Joe's tonight. :-)



April 2nd 2005

The beers stacked up as well as the place was filled with friends at Joe's Place tonight. Click here to see photos of the Joe's. When the fun ended at Joe's, some of us went down the road to Dick's Place. for one last hour before daylight saving time kicked in at two in the morning. You know - "spring forward". I guess tonight's celebration was all about that, if it wasn't then I will make it that :-)

Daylight Saving Time Party


Feb 19th 2005

One more night at Joe's Place Richard and Bella sang for us for a packed fun filled night Click here to see photos of the Billy and Becky's "tied the knot party".

Tied the knot party


Dec 23th 2004

Christmas came early for us but none the less it was good :-) Click here to see the Forte' Christmas photos.

Christmas 2004


Dec 11th 2004

There were lots of friends available for this Early November festival. The beer flowed and friends frolicked, as the night grew old but fun. Click here for Frank and Mela's 40th Anniversary

Frank and Mela's Birthday at Joe's


Nov 13th 2004

Congratulations Shaylan on 5 years of transplant success. Your friends and family wish you the very best of health now and in the future. This occasion took place at Backstage in Monahans, TX. Click here to see Shaylan's party.

Shaylan's Party


Nov 5th 2004

OK so here is a 15 shot of a 2005 Mustang GT. Other than magazines and on the internet, this is the first time I have seen and likewise photographed.This year so far, there will only be a GT and a regular mustang. The GT has the usual fog lamps, suspension upgrades, and engine upgrade (new engine this year with a 3 valve per cylinder engine). The regular Mustang for 2005 borrowed a 4.0 liter engine from the Explorer, I drove one earlier this year and it has quite a bit of pep for a V-6. Of course the GT has the 4.6L and now with the head change packs a whopping 300 hp, this is a 40 horse gain over my 2003 GT. I have seen it published that the MACHI won't be out till 2006 and the Cobra late 2006 as a 2007 model.Click here to see photos of the 2005 Mustang GT.

The 2005 Mustang GT


Aug 28 th 2004

We were invited to a very pleasant event, thanks we enjoyed seeing going to your wedding Click here for photos of the wedding. We certainly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for inviting us, we wish you many years of happy marriage and love.

Benitez Wedding


Aug 19th 2004

Fall registration at Odessa College, I time to welcome New students and existing students back to a new semester of learning. Click here for to see some photos of the registration. .

OC Fall Registration 2004


July 4th 2004

My mom sister nephew and niece visited from the sunny state of Florida. I think that they had plenty of sun while they were here too...oh and did I mention the corona's flowed and there was plenty of guacamole and chips, just ask my sister, the festivities started when my wife's side of the family, the mother-in-law and her son, arrived on Independence day. Click here to see photos of the family at Coronado.

Photos of my families visit
Click here to see Masi's Pixs of "The Family Visit 2004"


July 7th 2004


A co worker of mine with a very GREEN thumb is the proud owner of all these beautiful roses that you will see in this album. If you like roses this is where you want to look....... Click here to view Frank's rose garden, congratulations Frank on a beautiful back yard.


Frank's rose garden
You may also click on the dates to see updated photos to the roses at my place on 4-15 4-16 4-17


June 26th 2004

Went to Irving Texas for a Server 2003 class which was fantastic. I did not take many photos while I was there. I had the pleasure of meeting several very nice people though and ride a Segway, which was a totally new experience for me click here to see them.

Right before my flight I had some time to burn so I stopped at an antique and classic auto mall. I found some rare autos that I quickly took some photos of, perhaps you will enjoy these shots of some rare autos, some of which are for sale, click here to see the autos

Classic Car Mall

June 12th 2004

This night out proved to be hot including the honorees at Sonnie and Mario's Wedding Click here to see the night's events.

Sonnie and Mario's Wedding

We moved successfully to this bigger web hosting service, if you find any broken links please email me.

May 31st 2004

And in the class spirit of the Odessa High School's graduation I finally got around to taking photos of our most Red 2003 Mustang convertible, Click here to see photos of this most RED car.

Al and Lulu's 2003 Mustang GT Convertible


May 29th 2004
And so a grand day begins and another class graduates from Odessa High School. Click here to see photos of this most RED graduation. Irene's graduation ceremony


May 28th 2004

What is this Hawaii in south Odessa ??? No it is Irene's graduation path click here to view photos of this fruit filled and colorful event that marks a great achievement in the life of this young lady. Irene's graduation party


May 22nd 2004

So here are some happy birthday people, we went and celebrated Rita's birthday party and there were several others going on to click here to view the night's festivities.


May 13th 2004
And so the celebration of the 4 day work week begins with "the gathering of the menagerie" click here to view photos of this fun and colorful event that will hopefully be the first of many to come.
The gathering of the menagerie


May 1rst 2004
Alma Ann and Lorenzo's wedding an excellent day long event - congratulations click here to view photos. Click here to view photos


April 3rd 2004
After a long playing at-Joe's-hiatus RC Entertainment was "back in black" thrilling the crowd with their popular music this night, click to see over 100 photos in this album here. RC Entertainment


March 27th 2004
Even though the pictures say the 28th it is actually the we where at Joe's Place for Pricilla's Birthday party there we had a flashback from the past with Flashback with Gino. , see Mike "shine" here. Folks please enjoy the photos. Pricilla's Birthday Party


Mar 25th 2004

See the rose bushes at Coronado before they bloom. Click here to see the rose bushes on 3/7

You may also click here to see them on 4-10 . UPDATED 4-10


Feb 7th 2004
Wow after about 2 months I am adding some more photos. Here are some shots from Joe's place and a visit from a long time friend.
Gandolph is that you?


Dec 6th 2003
Another trip to Miami for dad :-(
Trip to Miami for Dad


November 29th 2003
The house hunting quest takes a part two click here to see some of the inside shots to some of the nicer houses we saw. The first shots are not documented but are included to show some of the interior detail. The later shots have narration.We went out to the Eagles Lodge in Big Spring tonight it was fun, there was a birthday party the finished and left some really good munchies (the smokey weenies were delicious) more on that later. house quest


November 26th 2003 There has been a lot that has gone on in the past month. I do have bunches of photos, including some that were still left in the camera from our birthday party. I had an emergency trip to visit my dad who was very ill. We got a new car. We went to Eagles Lodge. Went to a bar on the west side where there was an singer-impersonator. More pix as time permits for me. For now the latest pix of our house hunting quest.
emergency tripsinger impersonator


October 25th 2003
Here they are all 106 photos of Lulu and Al's birthday party. My thanks to all that attended, I hope you had fun and enjoyed it very much. CLICK HEREto view the photos of the party. Lulu and Al's birthday party


October 11th 2003

Here goes more Joe's Place Pixs CLICK HERE to view them.

We also went to a wedding this same night CLICK HERE to view those photos.

Loraines Birthday
I have good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that I got a better camera and can take more detailed photographs. The bad news that I have to mention is that in the last few months I have used about 50 megs of my online web space. Ouch did I take that many photographs? Yes I did, in fact, I have published hundreds of photographs to this web site. Some of the photographs are as big as 800x600, and larger. As a rule of thumb I keep all my original digital images and scale down the ones that get placed on the web. Up until this I have not really thought about it, I am starting now to scale the photographs down even more for various reasons and of course to conserve space and hopefully be able to keep all the albums online for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email admin@alforte.net  


Sept 30th 2003

Zoom Zoom!!! Odessa College is visited by #29 Car see it here

and take a peek at some of the spectators looking at the car here

Zoom Zoom Zoom!!!


Sept 20th 2003
Two events that we attended this weekend the Odessa High School Class of 1953 50th class reunion. CLICK HERE to see album. The second event was a visit at Joe's where they held Nadine's Benefit, CLICK HERE to see who got thrown in "jail" by the "sheriff" Odessa High 50 reunion Class '53


Sept 16th 2003
I got out of my car the other morning to find an excellent 70's model hot rod, in pretty decent condition parked close by. After I saw it I knew I needed to get photos of it. In the past I had thought about adding a Fords section so I have decided to add a Ford section to the mustang site, for now you can click here to access this new Grand Torino addition to the site. 1972 Grand Torino


Sept 13th 2003
OK here it this weeks link of photographs. This last weekend we went to a Birthday party in Big Spring at Immaculate Heart of Mary School. We partied and danced till midnight-30. Click here for the photo album. Immaculate Heart of Mary School


Sept 6th 2003
WOW what a party!!! 3 of them actually. The celebrations were pretty good. From muscle men cards to a visit from Josephina, a star struck Joe, and a macarena dancing yours truly. This place was packed and everyone was having a great time. The night went by fast and furious. Check out photos here Happy Birthday Joe Rhonda and Richard


August 23 2003
This weekend we went to Big Spring Texas. There we had the pleasure of visiting and dancing with some of the locals at the Eagles Lodge. As usual the ride to Big Springs was pretty uneventful except for a thunder storm that started out as a cloud with a fragment of a rainbow. It eventually turned into a massive shower Please go look at the photographs if you know any of the names of those pictured I will be glad to edit the text to reflect their first name, click here. Eagles Lodge RC Entertainment 8:30
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